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Sky Hii

Creator / Visionary / Philanthropist


Sometimes, Hip Hop comes in unlikely packages. The stereotypical days of rap culture clouded with images of sagging pants and Sky Hii backwards fitted caps, has been replaced by a new MC; one who thrives on individualism and creativity. This evolved MC is the voice of the upcoming Hip Hop revolution, infusing new school and old school rap with the sound of rebirth, of change. Carrying that baton of change straight through the finish line is Sky Hii, a Hip Hop philosopher on wheels.

As a child, Sky Hii spent hours in front of the television, mimicking the behaviors of the actors and news reporters on his favorite shows. He longed to be an entertainer and the star-studded life he saw on TV was a far contrast from his everyday life growing up poor in South St. Louis city. He was the oldest of 7 and his mother sometimes struggled to make ends meet. But dreams of the good life and his personal heaven motivated the young artist to continue to strive for greatness, by any means.

After moving out of his motherโ€™s house at 17, Sky Hii started his path towards enlightenment. He began to refine his musical voice and discovered the power behind the symbolism in his writing. His lyricism transformed as he became serious about developing his style and tone as a musician. But as passion rose, disaster struck.

Two weeks before his 22nd birthday, a stack of weights fell on his back while training at the gym, resulting in a spinal cord injury that would confine the gifted MC to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His ability to walk was gone.

But disability did not cripple Sky Hii. Instead, it stirred his soul, opening his eyes to a new realm of creation and creativity. Music became his therapy as he progressed through rehab and Sky Hii began to make music that invigorated and educated the listener. Higher knowledge and philosophical thought influenced his style, and in 2013 he released his mixtape The Equal Opportunity Project (E.O.P.), a freshman debut introducing the MC to the masses. His sophomore project, Philosopher Stoned, solidified Sky Hii as a Hip Hop alchemist, transforming rhymes over any beat.

Through strategic brand placement and a steady release of consumer driven music, Sky Hii provides listeners with an alternative method to contemporary Hip-Hop. Infusing his dramatic, humble lyricism with intricate, dark melodies, the Sky Hii sound crosses cultural fault lines and gives Hip Hop a new, unlikely face.

Nine years after losing his ability to walk, Sky Hii is transforming lives through his music. His music serves as the soundtrack to his life; a chill down his spine that he never could quite shake. And with his imaginative bars hidden amongst spiritual symbols and enlightened ideologies, Sky Hii encourages listeners to do something unforeseen in Hip Hop. Think.