1. Intro: Philosopher Speaks Again Sky Hii 1:04
  2. Memories Sky Hii 3:50
  3. Ray Bans and Designer Jeans Sky Hii 3:46
  4. Buddha Bounce Sky Hii 3:21
  5. Who Luv U Sky Hii 5:40
  6. Interlude: Pimping on a Side Sky Hii 0:59
  7. Wish For A Million Sky Hii 4:40
  8. The Pharoah Has Risen Sky Hii 5:22
  9. Cialis Flow Sky Hii 4:19
  10. Interlude: Are you afraid of the Highway Sky Hii 0:51
  11. Highway of Regrets (feat. Str3tch-150) Sky Hii 8:40
  12. Black Racist (feat. JSMN) Sky Hii 6:17
  13. Interlude: Black Racist 3rd Verse Sky Hii 0:35
  14. Black Love Sky Hii 3:37
  15. Khairi's Lullaby Sky Hii 1:33
  16. Outro: My Awakening / Snakes in the Grass Sky Hii 1:22
  17. 9 God Sky Hii 3:12
  18. Ridin And Chillen (feat. Sky Hii) Str3tch-150 4:14
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On August 3, 2017 Sky Hii drops his first EP with REDemption. Representing the RED eye or the Heart chakra, our hero brings love mixed with vengeance on his way towards spiritual enlightenment. With in house production by Black Bound’s Buddha this project takes Black Bound Entertainment to another LEVEL!!!

Stay Tuned….

Check out Sky Hii’s latest version of his visuals “Heaven 2 Me”. In this version our hero depicts different emojis for different expressions of self. Giving it a fun, light hearted, and psychedelic mood. “Heaven 2 Me” is available for sell now on iTunes, and other digital outlets.

Black Bound Entertainment 2016