Black Bound Entertainment is an Independent Record Label looking to bridge the gap between the Major Record Labels vs. the Independents. We also want to balance the type of entertainment being released in the community by making more positive, uplifting, and motivational music. Our slogan is “Create Your Experience,” meaning you have the power to make your life what you want it if you put in the WORK.

Was once written with passion, a tool used for social-political movements, and seen as an ART FORM, is now controlled by the corporate dollar and not the originators. We at BlackBound want to bring the balance back in the entertainment industry. Our MISSION STATEMENT is simple; we want ARTIST to have a say in their art, give them creative freedom, and let the people decide who’s relevant and who’s not, take control out of the Big Business hand’s and create a balance between Major vs. Independent market shares in the entertainment industry, all while giving back to the community through our philanthropist endeavors. For more information on charitable efforts, please check out our sister entity “The G.O.O.D. News Company” …